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Are you ready to "Get A Handle On Your Drinkin' "? 
...here at MUGGIE, our motto is...

"It's not a drinkin' problem,
if you have a handle on it!"

A MUGGIE keeps your drinks colder, longer!
You've been waiting for something better to come along all these years...it's finally time to ditch that koozie once and for all.



MUGGIE Fun Facts: 

are the Ultimate Drink Handle;
they fit a wide variety of bottled and canned drinks

...Beer, Wine Coolers, water bottles, energy drinks, fruit drinks, carbonated cold drinks, etc... 

MUGGIE's are made tough, in the USA

* Exceptional quality

* The ink we use is flexible & has a high resistance to abrasion 

* The ink is also very durable & long lasting;
it's not going to fade or crack

* Each and every 
MUGGIE is handmade;
we even do all our own printing

* Keeps drinks colder than most Koozies;
the heat of your hot hand is on the handle where it needs to be

* Highly durable and long lasting

* Flexible, anti-slip grip

MUGGIE's  will float if dropped in the water

* MUGGIE's are mildew resistant

* Hands stay dry; you're not "touching" your drink

A special Thanks from MUGGIE to our Graphic Designer, James Wilson, 
Owner & Master Designer at Red Metal Creative (www.redmetalcreative).
You did a great job conceptualizing our vision. 
Your hard work and dedication to this project will always be greatly appreciated. 

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